Historic Media Coverage of Meteorology in Europe

Historic Media Coverage of Meteorology in Europe



2 June 2015

The World Meteorology Organization (WMO) has teamed up with EUscreenXL and the Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision to create a web-based exhibition of meteorology-related paintings, photographs, video and media coverage. 

EUscreenXL is a Europe-wide initiative that provides online access to archival material covering the social, cultural, political, environmental and economic events that have shaped the continent.  Archives offer a key to comprehending the past and understanding certain phenomena, processes and behaviours – both of people and nature. For example, atmospheric scientists study archival data of past weather and climate events in order to gain insight into the behaviour of Earth’s natural elements so that they can create models to forecast future weather and climate events. Thanks to such forecasts, the losses of life and property related to natural hazards can be limited.

The exhibition showcases carefully selected videos, stills and documents that tackle the essential and captivating topics of climate and weather as well as the resulting effects on people and impacts on the environment. Placed along a timeline, they document how artists and photographers have captured weather and climate events. More recent material covers broadcasts of some of Europe’s most devastating meteorological events.



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