Improving Climate Science and Climate Change Monitoring

Improving Climate Science and Climate Change Monitoring



1 April 2010

About 120 scientists ended a three-day workshop at the WMO headquarters in Geneva on 1 April 2010 to explore ways to deliver ever more accurate and reliable observations of the Earth’s climate. Entitled “Measurement Challenges for Global Observation Systems for Climate Change Monitoring — Traceability, Stability and Uncertainty”, the workshop was jointly organised by WMO and the International Bureau for Weights and Measures (BIPM). Today, many of the challenges faced by climate science are indeed measurement challenges. For example, assessing the trends in concentrations of greenhouse gases and their regional sources and sinks, assessing the radiative impacts of these gases, and assessing the resulting changes in surface and atmospheric temperature. The workshop brought together the relevant scientific communities to debate and review the status of applied meteorology, with respect to metrological traceability, in eight specific theme areas. The outcomes will be published by WMO.

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