International Conference on El Niño

International Conference on El Niño



12 November 2014

The Third International Conference on El Niño "Bridging the gaps between the Global ENSO Science and the regional processes, extremes and impacts", takes place in Guayaquil, Ecuador, 12–14 November.

The warm and cold phases of ENSO (namely El Niño and La Niña) cause serious social and economic impacts to countries around the world. Greater knowledge about ENSO is therefore vital to support early warning systems and reduce socio-economic vulnerability.

The Conference aims to review the progress on the science of global El Niño-Southern Oscillation (ENSO) and regional processes in order to improve the prediction of ENSO and its related regional impacts. This will contribute to development of decision-support frameworks that allow timely and appropriate planning and response at national and local levels.

The conference is organized by the Centro Internacional para la Investigación del Fenómeno de El Niño (CIIFEN). The World Meteorological Organization is one of the co-sponsors. The event brings together scientists and experts involved in research, observations and operational climate services to provide a forum for efficiently linking science with societal needs.

The outcomes of the conference will be used to support implementation of the Global Framework for Climate Services (GFCS)and inform action to increase resilience to natural climate variability in the four priority areas, agriculture and food security, disaster risk reduction, health and water.

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