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Latest WMO Bulletin online



13 December 2010

WMO: 60 Years and Beyond is the theme of the latest WMO Bulletin, now available online.

From tracking ash from the Icelandic volcanic eruption, to restoring forecasting services after the tragic Haitian earthquake, to advocacy for climate services, a global network of meteorologists are providing essential information for decision-makers every day. This story of scientific progress, cooperation and climate-related advocacy is recounted in the second 60th anniversary edition of the WMO Bulletin. Articles include:

  • An interview with Eugenia Kalnay, winner of the 2009 International Meteorological Organization prize, who provides insight on trends such as "nowcasting" and seasonal forecasts, and tackles broader societal issues like gender and demographics along the way;
  • An outline of the history of meteorology, and views on WMO's contribution to the climate challenge, by former IPCC official Osvaldo Canziani;
  • Highlights of the revolution in forecasting, and the range of applications for forecasting today, by Peter Lynch, University College Dublin;
  • A case study showing the power of forecasting today, by researchers from the USA, UK and Japan who tracked Typhoon Lupit in 2009;
  • An assessment of the contribution of agricultural meteorology to food security over the past 60 years, and future directions by Jim Salinger, the former President of the WMO Commission for Agricultural Meteorology'
  • The case for investing in climate services in Haiti, including how WMO and national weather services worked with Haitians to restore weather services before the hurricane season;
  • The stories of meteorologists from around the world, at various stages in their career, who have benefited from training through WMO's fellowship programme.

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