Megacities: a new focus for weather and climate services

Megacities: a new focus for weather and climate services



3 June 2011

The growing need for weather, climate and environmental services targeted to megacities has been highlighted as an area for attention during the 16th WMO Congress.

Seventy percent of the worlds population will be living in urban areas by 2050, said Mr Michel Bland, President of the WMO Technical Commission for Atmospheric Sciences, during a side event on 25 May about megacities. That will have a great impact on the types of services we provide to cities. What will be needed is quite different from a typical present-day forecast.

Concentrated transport, heating, industry and the densely constructed environment lead to specific weather and climate patterns, as does the geographic particularities of urban areas, which are often located in coastal areas,. Examples of local patterns include anomalous heat fluxes, small-scale turbulent flows, chemical weather and contrasting albedoes. >> More

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