Mobile weather service improves safety of fishermen in Uganda

Mobile weather service improves safety of fishermen in Uganda



10 May 2012

The Uganda Department of Meteorology, World Meteorological Organization, MTN, Ericsson, National Lake Rescue Institute and the Kalangala Fishing community have come together in a unique partnership, and combined mobile technology, weather forecasting expertise and local know-how, to provide a localised weather alert service to fishing villages on Lake Victoria.

The service has been tested by over 1000 fishermen on Lake Victoria and is due to be made more widely available in the next three months. The free-of-chargeweather information service will enable fishermen and traders to make informed decisions on, for example, when and where to fish in Lake Victoria, thus helping to save lives and preserve livelihoods.

Lake Victoria is the world's second-largest freshwater lake, provides a livelihood, directly and indirectly, to over 3.5 million people. The lake supports Africa's largest inland fishery and produces over 800,000 tons of fish annually, currently worth about USD 600,000,000, and reported estimates indicate that as many as 5,000 members of the fishing community die in boating accidents in the lake each year because they are unprepared for bad weather conditions.

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