Regional Association for Asia Agrees Priority Work Areas

Regional Association for Asia Agrees Priority Work Areas



20 December 2012

About 90 delegates from WMO’s Regional Association for Asia (RAII) met 13-19 December in Doha, Qatar, to agree on priority work areas far the next three years to strengthen weather, climate and water services.

Ahmed Abdullah Mohamed, the Permanent Representative of Qatar to WMO, was elected as the new president. Dr Qamar-uz Zaman Chaudhry, Permanent Representatives of Pakistan, was re-elected as Vice President.

The Regional Association for Asia groups 35 countries across a large geographical zone and impacted by diverse hazards including sand and dust storms, droughts, heat and cold waves, tropical cyclones, floods and air pollution.

Through its six Regional Associations, WMO seeks to promote regional cooperation and partnerships to solve problems, especially through the strengthening of end-to-end early warning systems, and collaboration in preparedness planning and relief operations. >> full text


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