Southeastern Europe Climate Outlook for winter issued

Southeastern Europe Climate Outlook for winter issued



6 December 2012

The Southeastern Europe Climate Outlook Forum has issued its seasonal outlook for winter 2012/2013 for the South Eastern Europe and Caucasus Region.

The Outlook, based on input from National Meteorological and Hydrological Services throughout the region and from European and international climate experts, focuses on anticipated precipitation and temperatures for the region. This is based upon an assessment of the current state of the climate including large-scale climate patterns
worldwide and assessments of its likely evolution in the course of the coming months;

With funding from the European Commission’s Directorate General for Englargement, the Southeastern Europe Climate Outlook Forum is intended to help in disaster risk reduction, as well as agriculture, water and energy management.

WMO has been encouraging the implementation of Regional Climate Outlook Forums around the world, ever since the inception of the first forum in Southern Africa in 1997.

Regional Climate Outlook Forums presently serve more than half the world’s population and form an integral part of the Global Framework for Climate Services which aims to improve and expand the provision of climate science for decision-making and action.


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