Summary: WMO press conferences at COP 16

Summary: WMO press conferences at COP 16



6 December 2010

WMO organized three press conferences and participated in several side events during the first week of COP 16.

The WMO's provisional statement on the status of the global climate in 2010 showed that it is almost certain to be one of the three warmest years since 1850, and possibly the warmest, WMO Secretary-General Michel Jarraud told a press conference on Thursday 2 December. The final ranking will be completed when data for November and December are analyzed. The 2001-2010 ten year period will be the warmest on record.

Extreme events are becoming more common, Ghassem Asrar, Director of the WMO co-sponsored World Climate Research Programme, told a press conference on Tuesday 30 November. According to the current trend, the European heat wave of 2003 and the Russian heat wave of July 2010 may be the norm by the end of the century.

Climate science is essential to planning for a warmer world, said Jan Egeland, Co-Chair of the High-level Taskforce for the Global Framework for Climate Services, and WMO Secretary-General Michel Jarraud, at a press conference on Wednesday 1 December. Climate research is not translating into services for those most vulnerable to climate and weather hazards, and "the most vulnerable are the least well-covered," said Mr Egelund. Gaps in observation networks are especially critical in developing countries, where many areas receive less than 5 per cent of observation network data, and at least 70 countries do not have basic climate services.

Global climate in 2010
Press conference of Secretary-General Michel Jarraud
Press release and statement

Global climate 2001-2010
Press conference by G Asrar
Weather Extremes in a Changing Climate, 2001-2010

Global framework for climate services
Jan Egeland and Michel Jarraud
Slide presentation of Mr Egeland
Interview of Mr Egeland

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