Thematic consultations on water for post-2015 development agenda

Thematic consultations on water for post-2015 development agenda



21 January 2013

The Thematic Consultation on Water is part of the UN-system led “global dialogue” comprising of 50-100 Country Consultations and eleven global Thematic Consultations. The Thematic Consultation on Water is mainly taking place as an online discussion using different social media. The purpose is to bring voices from a broad range of stakeholders to build consensus around key future challenges related to water and its role in the post-2015 development agenda.

The thematic consultation on water is divided in three sub-consultations:

• - Water, sanitation and hygiene
• - Water resources management
• - Wastewater management and water quality

The Water Resources Management stream will be running through 17 February. The main goal of these discussions is to brainstorm and discuss the potential for water resources management to be a part of the post-2015 development agenda.

The sub-consultation will allow debating important questions such as:
- How do water-related challenges and risks directly and indirectly affect you?
- How do we preserve water resources for future generations given the competing demands (i.e., agriculture, nature, transport, industry, domestic consumption, tourism, energy, etc.)? Who decides this?
- What key actions should be taken in your country to ensure water security for all uses including the environment?
- What can non-state actors and non-water professionals contribute to better water management?

WMO has been asked to lead the weekly sub-stream consultation 21-28 January 2013 on Climate Change and Water-related Risks of the Water Resources Management stream, coordinated by the U.N. Economic Commission for Europe.

Several activities will be taking place throughout the week, including interventions by Harry Lins, President of WMO’s Commission for Hydrology through a video clip. Michael Glantz, Director of the Consortium for Capacity Building, will take part in a live interactive video
address Thursday 24 January at 1700 CET, when the audience will be able to ask questions.

Everyone is encouraged to get involved in the discussions, pose questions, give feedback and partake in a lively debate that will help further advance the dialogue on climate change and water-related risks. You can follow the conversation on the website, on Twitter
(#waterpost2015) or on Facebook (WaterPost2015).


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