Tropical Cyclone Phet in Arabian Sea

Tropical Cyclone Phet in Arabian Sea



2 June 2010

According to the Regional Specialized Meteorological Centre (RSMC) New Delhi, Tropical Cyclone Centre of WMO, the tropical cyclone Phet, which developed in the north Arabian Sea, is located in the Arabian Sea at 17.5 North, 61.0 East, as of 00:00 UTC on 2 June. It has intensified into a severe cyclonic storm (maximum wind speed 65 knots, or equivalent to 120 kilometres per hour). It is forecast to continue to move northeastward and then turn, to move northward to northeastward. It will approach the coast of Oman within the next 48 hours with further intensification.

The severe cyclonic storm Phet is potentially very damaging to the southeast Yemen and Oman, and later to Pakistan. The sea state in the north Arabian Sea will be extremely rough particularly in the next 72 hours. Ships in this area are advised to take urgent measures to avoid risks.

For further information about the Tropical Cyclone Phet and associated severe weathers, please access the WMO Severe Weather Information Centre website and/or consult the National Weather Services in the area.

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