UAE Awards for Rain Enhancement Science

UAE Awards for Rain Enhancement Science



1 February 2016

Research groups from Japan, the United Arab Emirates and Germany have won the US$5 million grant awarded by the inaugural edition of the UAE Research Program for Rain Enhancement Science.

This research program was launched by the UAE’s Ministry of the Presidential Affairs (MOPA) and is managed by the UAE’s National Center for Meteorology and Seismology (NCMS). The program offers an annual grant of US$5 million to be shared among up to five winning proposals for a period of three years.

The UAE Research Program for Rain Enhancement Science chose to honor projects that offered creative and path-breaking ideas on cloud forecasting and modification, modelling and the use of advanced cloud seeding agents. The 2015 awards recognized work on innovative algorithms and sensors dedicated to identifying the clouds most suitable for seeding, the use of nanotechnology to accelerate water condensation, different ways of employing current knowledge of nanotechnology to develop novel cloud seeding materials and make rain droplet formation more efficient, cloud seeding optimization, and convergence zones and land-cover modification to enhance precipitation.

The UAE Research Program has also announced the start of the process for the next round of awards. Potential applicants are invited to participate in the grant program by submitting a Letter of Intent by 16 February 2016, followed by a pre-proposal by 17 March and a full proposal by 17 August. The winners of this second cycle will be announced in January 2017.

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