Weather/climate seminars reach 5 700 West African farmers

Weather/climate seminars reach 5 700 West African farmers



13 October 2011

Increased awareness of risk management boosts self reliance

A four-year pilot project involving 15 West African countries has trained 5 700 subsistence farmers – including 1 000 rural women - in how to access and use weather and climate information to maximize yields and minimize risks.

The project, known as METAGRI, organized 146 roving seminars to increase the interaction between National Meteorological and Hydrological Services (NMHSs) and farmers whose livelihoods depend on the weather.

These seminars increased the self-reliance of rural farmers by raising their awareness about effective weather and climate risk management and the sustainable use of weather and climate information and services for agricultural production. They also provided crucial feedback from the rural agricultural community to the NMHSs.

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