WMO and FAO publlsh "Weather and Desert Locusts"

WMO and FAO publlsh "Weather and Desert Locusts"



11 February 2019

The FAO Desert Locust Information Service (DLIS) released its 4 February 2019 Desert Locust Bulletin  which stated that locust swarms have formed along the Red Sea coast of Sudan, Eritrea and Egypt and have reached the interior of Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates.  Control operations were undertaken.   

WMO and FAO have jointly produced the publication "Weather and Desert Locusts" which provides an overview of the issue and provides recommendations on how National Meteorological and Hydrological Services (NMHSs) and National Locust Control Centres (NLCCs) can work together to reduce this threat.   The complex and serious nature of Desert Locust issues demands that countries that are threatened work together across borders to find the best form of locust control. Desert Locust control is indeed an international responsibility, because locusts breed and move over wide areas so that events in one country rapidly affect events in others. Together, WMO and FAO have been helping to improve coordination and planning for potential locust outbreaks and control actions.  

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