WMO and Italian National Civil Protection Department Agreement

WMO and Italian National Civil Protection Department Agreement



25 March 2014

The World Meteorological Organization has signed a cooperation agreement with the Italian National Civil Protection Department. This opens the way for the Italian platform for natural risk management and prevention to be available as an open source to other countries.

The Head of the Civil Protection Department, Franco Gabrielli, and WMO Secretary-General Michel Jarraud signed the accord, which formalizes existing collaboration in the area of natural risk reduction. Under the agreement, the Italian National Civil Protection Service engages to make its long-term experience in emergency situations available in support of the needs identified at the international level.

To be more specific, Dewetra – the Civil Protection Department’s integrated system for real time monitoring, prediction and prevention of natural risks, will be made available internationally. Dewetra is operational in the framework of the Italian National System of Functional Centres, and is a platform developed between the Civil Protection Department and CIMA Foundation – International Centre for Environmental Monitoring – to contribute to hydro-meteorological and wildfire risk forecasting and mitigation.

The five-year agreement culminates a process started in November 2012. It defines the conditions for the transfer, installation and configuration of Dewetra in countries requesting it through WMO. The software will be made available through an open source license agreement. Remote and onsite assistance is to be provided by the staff of the Civil Protection Department and national competence centres.

Italian expertise – in instrumental monitoring, observation and assessment of risk scenarios and their evolution – will thus be an asset shared with all WMO Members who appreciate its advantages and who choose to adapt it to their requirements, in collaboration with WMO.

Currently, several Caribbean countries, as well as Albania, Bolivia and Lebanon, are already using the Dewetra platform, while The Philippines, Ecuador and Guyana have recently sent requests for its implementation.

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