WMO Bulletin goes green

WMO Bulletin goes green



27 March 2020

WMO has just issued its twice-yearly Bulletin, with a focus on Climate and Water in accordance with the theme of World Meteorological Day and World Water Day. The Bulletin introduces WMO’s 70th anniversary, although official commemorative activities have been scaled back because of the Coronavirus pandemic.

“WMO has facilitated seventy-years of progress in weather, climate and water. The work of the WMO community has impacted the lives of countless millions at home, work and play. Building on the success of its first seventy years, WMO and its partners in all sectors will continue to work together to secure a better future for mankind and our planet,” says WMO Secretary-General Petteri Taalas in a foreword.

The Bulletin underlines the importance of including water in climate policy discussions.

The Geneva Water Hub, a Swiss initiative that promotes sound water management as an instrument for peace and a key WMO Hydrohub partner, highlights the evidence that water shortages have the potential to lead to political and social unrest.

Water data is the basis of good water resource management and multi-hazard early warnings for water-related extreme events. Articles on WMO initiatives and projects –from HydroSOS, WMO Space-based observations, Flash Flood Guidance System to projects in Africa and the Americas and the Third Pole – demonstrate the role of the Earth System Approach in addressing today’s global challenges.

As part of the WMO greening effort, the Bulletin is being distributed to Members, partners and the wider WMO Communit y in digital format. The Bulletin has been printed on recycled paper for several years, but that was no longer enough. Printing consumes a great amount of fresh water – a limited resource as is highlighted by articles in the present version.  In addition, the dispatch of over 3,000 copies of the Bulletin around the world carries a heavy carbon footprint.

WMO encourages readers to promote the digital version and share it with colleagues and friends.

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