WMO Conference on Weather Modification Discusses Research, Environment

WMO Conference on Weather Modification Discusses Research, Environment



11 October 2011

About 100 scientists from 29 countries attended the 10th WMO Scientific Conference on Weather Modification that was kindly hosted by the Indonesian Agency for the Assessment and Application of Technology in Balli between 4 and 7 October 2011.

The conference focussed on the following topics:

  • Weather Modification Research and the study of cloud and precipitation processes:
    • Observational and laboratory studies;
    • Modelling studies;
    • Developments in seeding material and methods of delivery;
    • Data analysis and statistical methods as applied to current and previous experiments and projects;
  • Weather Modification and the physical and socio-economic environment:
    • Environmental issues, user requirements and cost-benefit studies
    • Inadvertent weather modification, Climate Change and Geo-engineering

The conference again highlighted the growing desire of human kind to modify weather specifically to augment water resources, reduce the damage of hail and other severe and damaging weather phenomena. However, despite promising advances being made, several scientific issues remain unsolved. Fortunately the technology to observe, model and analyse the intentional interventions made by weather modification now exist to make great progress in this field. There is also the realisation that many of the outstanding issues are also central to improve weather and climate predictions and that more effected cooperation on a regional and global scale between scientists will be beneficial to all.

Conference statement

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