WMO International Symposium on Education and Training

WMO International Symposium on Education and Training



2 September 2013

The World Meteorological Organization’s International Symposium on Education and Training takes place from 2 to 6 September, hosted by Météo-France, with the theme Training With a Purpose.

The symposium, held every four years, is normally attended by around 80 educational experts and managers, directors of WMO Regional Training Centres and instructors from National Meteorological and Hydrological Services. It aims to

stimulate the development of a vibrant and robust education and training community to address the WMO Members requirements for competent and qualified staff. .

The ultimate aim of the symposium in Toulouse, France, is to assist WMO members to meet current  and future meteorological and hydrological education and training challenges . This is at a time when the WMO education and training community is striving to improve the skills and ability of personnel to produce better forecasts and services to protect life and property, capitalizing on improved observing networks and better meteorological and hydrological data.

The five-day event will be opened by WMO President David Grimes. Key objectives include: to identify and analyze education and training needs for critical service areas; to review the roles of Regional Training Centres; to examine WMO qualifications and competency strategies and to discuss the expansion of e-Learning opportunities.



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