WMO Invites Fellowship Nominations

WMO Invites Fellowship Nominations



12 December 2013

WMO is inviting fellowship applications from students and researchers, especially from developing countries, who want to further their careers in meteorology and hydrology and related disciplines.

Candidates must complete a Fellowship Nomination Form which must be certified by the Permanent Representative of the recipient WMO Member and submitted within the deadline (in many cases the end of January 2014).

For more than half a century WMO has, through its fellowships programme, cooperated with partners in building and sustaining a critical mass of experts in national meteorological and hydrological services in developing countries.

WMO provides support for short- and long-term fellowships world-wide, particularly through its Regional Training Centres and higher institutions specialized in meteorology, hydrology and allied disciplines, in order to promote specialized training and maximize the use of available resources, WMO has also entered into partnership on provision of fellowship opportunities in China, Germany, Japan, Russian Federation, the United Kingdom and the United States.

A major portion of WMO's mission is to build scientific networks and to support training and exchanges in fields ranging from hydrology and weather-forecasting to mitigating the impact of natural disasters. The need to train more experts in meteorology, hydrology and related disciplines continues to grow to meet modern challenges.

Successful candidates must meet a number of criteria. Priority is given to candidates from countries with the least developed NMHSs and countries more vulnerable to natural disasters. Fellows are expected to continue to work in their country, preferably in a NMHS in a suitable post, on completion of the fellowship.

There is a special emphasis on education and training opportunities which support WMO’s five high priority areas:

  • Global Framework for Climate Services
  • Aviation Meteorological Services
  • Capacity building for the developing and least developed countries
  • WMO Integrated Global Observing System (WIGOS) and WMO Information System
  • Disaster Risk Reduction

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