WMO participates in World Water Week

WMO participates in World Water Week



30 August 2013

World Water Week"Water Cooperation - Building Partnerships" is the theme of World Water Week in Stockholm, Sweden, September 1-6. The World Meteorological Organization is participating in a number of events highlighting the need for coordinated action to manage and protect water resources which face increasing pressures as a result of climate change, socio-economic development and population growth.

Water is one of the priority areas of the Global Framework for Climate Services, an international partnership of governments and organizations that produce and use climate information and services. Spearheaded by WMO with the support of a wide range of partner agencies, this groundbreaking initiative is meant to improve the quality and quantity of climate services worldwide in order to strengthen water resources management, reduce the impact of climate-related disasters, improve food security, and enhance health outcomes.

In view of evolving water-related risks and challenges, the Global Framework for Climate Services is intended to establish a permanent dialogue between meteorological and hydrological services which provide climate information and the user community including city and coastal planners, agricultural and land managers and the transport and energy sector.

High quality climate services are an essential part of coordinated, multi-disciplinary strategies for drought and flood management. The value of an integrated approach will be examined at a side event Sunday 1 September convened by WMO, the Global Water Partnership and UNESCO on Stakeholders’ Contribution to Drought and Flood Management.  

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