WMO pays tribute to Professor J.C.I. Dooge

WMO pays tribute to Professor J.C.I. Dooge



27 August 2010

WMO expressed condolences at the passing away of Professor J.C.I. Dooge on 20 August. He was one of the few who had a brilliant carrier as a hydrologist and as a distinguished politician in having the position as Irish Foreign Minister.

Professor Dooge’s immensely useful contributions to the field of hydrology, water resources and efforts to mainstream principles of water management in global political awareness were exemplary.

He broke scientific ground in theoretical hydrology and showed his political astuteness in arranging for the International Conference on Water and the Environment to be hosted in Dublin in 1992 that was the precursor for the Rio Earth Summit. The “Dublin Principles” were influential in shaping water management policy in the last 20 years.

Professor Dooge was awarded the International Hydrology Prize in 1983 and the International Meteorological Organization Prize in 1999 as the only non-meteorologist to be so honoured. He continues to be an inspiration and mentor for many.

Tribute to Prof Dooge

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