WMO RA VI (Europe) agrees priorities, elects new office holders

WMO RA VI (Europe) agrees priorities, elects new office holders



27 February 2018

WMO’s Regional Association VI (Europe) met from 7 to 9 February to agree priorities for future work, including relations with the private sector and improving strengthening disaster risk reduction.

Michael Staudinger, the Permanent Representative of Austria with WMO and the Executive Director of the Central Institute for Meteorology and Geodynamics, was unanimously elected as president for the next four years, replacing Ivan Cacic of Croatia. Kornélia Radics, the Permanent Representative of Hungary with WMO and the President of the Hungarian Meteorological Service, was elected vice-president.

Cristina Alionte Eklund, the Hydrological Adviser to the Permanent Representative of Sweden with WMO, was elected as the RA VI Hydrological Adviser.

The meeting brought together delegations from 44 Members and agreed on the following top priority areas:

  • The future role of NMHSs and the collaboration with the private sector in the global weather enterprise, focussing on the need to enhance protection of life and property
  • Improving service delivery and disaster risk reduction, including development of a global multi-hazard alert and early warning system
  • Capacity development through training and sharing information
  • Hydrology: observations network, data exchange and the regional implementation of the World Hydrological Observing System
  • Arctic and high mountain areas: strengthening observations, research and services
  • WMO Integrated Global Observing System – implementation and regional centres.

The association established its Management Group, composed of the president (Austria), vice-president (Hungary), and hydrological adviser (Sweden), as well as the Permanent Representatives to WMO of France, Germany, Iceland, Lebanon, Russian Federation, Switzerland and Turkey.    


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