WMO Regional Association for Asia

WMO Regional Association for Asia



12 December 2012

WMO’s Regional Association for Asia (RAII) meets 13-19 December in Doha, Qatar, to discuss how to strengthen weather, climate and water services in a region affected by a wide range of hazards including sand and dust storms, drought, tropical cyclones and floods.

WMO has six regional associations, which meet every four years. The Regional Association for Asia groups 35 countries across a wide geographical zone.

The agenda for the meeting includes:

•Further improvement of service delivery capacity at national and regional level,
•Implementation of the Global Framework for Climate Services recently approved by the Extraordinary World Meteorological Congress
•Enhanced national and regional disaster risk reduction
•Development of the WMO Integrated Global Ob serving Sysgtems and WMO Information Systems
•Capacity building

The increasing frequency of hazards such as floods and droughts pose escalating threats to a number of countries in the region. There is a need for cooperation and partnership, especially through the strengthening of end-to-end early warning systems, and collaboration in preparedness planning and relief operations.


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