WMO signs contract with Météo France International for Haiti

WMO signs contract with Météo France International for Haiti



2 October 2017

Météo France International will help develop the capacity of Haiti’s national meteorological and hydrological service under a new contract signed with the World Meteorological Organization.

The agreement is part of a wider international drive spearheaded by WMO and funded by Environment and Climate Change Canada to rehabilitate Haiti’s meteorological and hydrological service, destroyed in the 2010 earthquake, and  reduce the extreme vulnerability to natural hazards such as tropical cyclones through better weather forecasts and climate services.

There will be a special focus on strengthening predictive capacity, ensuring the quality of aviation meteorological services and improving the observation network. Meteo France provided weather forecasting and warning service for Haiti from its office in Martinique for nearly 6 years after 2010.

“Meteo France International is committed to supporting Haiti through this cooperation with WMO,” said its Business Development Director Jean-Sébastien Cases.

Haiti’s meteorological and hydrological service has a new, specially designed headquarters earlier this year, but still lacks capacity to provide high-quality weather,  hydrological and climate services. 

“WMO is very committed to Haiti, and we will continue our support to Haiti beyond the scope of this project,” said WMO Director of WMO Development and Regional Activities Department.


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