WMO wins LUI Che Woo prize for welfare betterment

WMO wins LUI Che Woo prize for welfare betterment



24 August 2018

The World Meteorological Organization has been named as winner of 2018 LUI Che Woo Prize award for Welfare Betterment.

The 2018 LUI Che Woo Prize laureates were announced at a press conference on 24 August in Hong Kong, China. WMO Secretary-General Petteri Taalas will collect the award at a ceremony and deliver a public lecture in early October.

The 2018 Welfare Betterment Prize focussed on the Reduction of the Impact of Natural Disasters.

“WMO sets worldwide standards and provides the framework for international cooperation by supporting its 191 member states and territories to implement the adopted policies, leading to better monitoring, forecasting and communication of meteorological hazards on a global scale. Its persistent effort is pivotal in the tenfold reduction in global loss of life from extreme weather, climate and water-related events observed over the past half-century,” said the award citation.

 “We are honoured to be recognised by the LUI Che Woo Prize for the Organization’s long-term efforts in mitigating disaster losses related to extreme weather, climate and water events. As always, our top priority is to support our members in tackling weather, climate and water-related challenges. With the LUI Che Woo Prize, we will no doubt be even better positioned to lend our leading expertise and crucial support,” said Mr Taalas.

Founded by LUI Che Woo in 2015, the “LUI Che Woo Prize – Prize for World Civilisation” is an annual international cross-sector innovative award for advancing world civilisation and inspiring people to build a more harmonious world. It aims to recognise and honour individuals or organisations all over the world for outstanding contributions and encourages the continuation of that work in three objectives: sustainable development of the world, betterment of the welfare of mankind and promotion of positive life attitude and enhancement of positive energy.

Each laureate received a cash award of HK$20 million (equivalent to approximately US$2.56 million), a certificate and a trophy. Each Prize is awarded to a single recipient, who can either be an individual or an organisation.

LUI Che Woo Prize press release here


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