World Weather Open Science Conference: The Weather, What’s the Outlook, Montreal 16-21 August 2014

World Weather Open Science Conference: The Weather, What’s the Outlook, Montreal 16-21 August 2014



20 May 2014

“The Weather: What’s the Outlook,” is the theme of the World Weather Open Science Conference (WWOSC2014) which will bring together the entire weather science and user communities for the first time.

The conference, to be held in Montreal, Canada, 16 - 21 August 2014, will examine latest scientific advances and discuss how the benefits of this knowledge can best be used for the good of society. The World Meteorological Organization, international Council for Science, Environment Canada, and the National Research Council, Canada, are co-organizers.

There will be special sessions on high-impact weather such as heat-waves and droughts, cold spells, extreme rainfall and flooding, tornadoes and hurricanes which cause headlines on an all-too regular basis.

At least 1 500 participants are expected to attend, representing government, industry, and academia. More than 1 000 abstracts have been submitted.

 “There has never been a more important time for weather science, which is poised for great breakthroughs. Society is extremely vulnerable to weather-related impacts and desperately need that science,” said International Organizing Committee co-chairs Alan Thorpe (European Centre for Medium Range Forecasting) and Michel Béland (former President of WMO Commission for Atmospheric Sciences).

For the first time, this landmark event will assemble the international weather science, technology, forecasting, service, and weather-sensitive stakeholder communities. The overarching theme is ‘Seamless Prediction of the Earth System: from minutes to months’.

Media are invited to report on the rapidly changing scientific and socio-economic drivers of weather science, applications, and their benefit to society at the World Weather Open Science Conference. Media will have access to plenaries and scientific sessions, press conferences, and one-on-one interviews.

Complimentary registration to the conference will be given to all members of the news media who are awarded accreditation.


Deadline for advance accreditation application: August 5, 2014

Click here to access the Media Accreditation Form


For more information, please contact the Media Centre Manager:

Mr. Jacques Lavigne, Améthyste communications, Email: mediawwosc2014 (at),Telephone: 514-283-1104, Fax: (514) 496-2415


Or Sylvie Castonguay, Communications and Public Affairs Department, World Meteorological Organization scastonguay(at)


Details of programme and scientific sessions

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