About PPE

About PPE

About_PPEThe weather, climate and water enterprise of the 21st century is very diverse - the stakeholders come from different sectors, they are big and small, local, national, regional and global, dealing with various parts of the value chain. Can such a diverse group work together towards a common people-centric and planet-centric vision?  How can they address common technical and institutional issues in a mutually beneficial way? How can they put scientific and technological advancements to use to reach everyone in need with vital information and services? And, how can they maintain and enhance the unique global system of systems for observation and monitoring the Earth System that enables the whole enterprise to deliver information and services for society and to create value for users?

The term Public-Private Engagement encompasses the various forms of interaction and collaboration between entities from the public, private and business sectors, as well as academia and civil society, in the production and delivery of weather, climate, hydrological, marine and related environmental data, information and services to users worldwide. WMO has established the workstream of PPE activities based on its Strategic Plan and high-level policy with the following vision and mission:


The global societal risks related to extreme weather, climate, water and other environmental events should be addressed through interdisciplinary and multi-sectoral partnerships. The expanding opportunities in using meteorological, climatological, hydrological and related environmental information and services to inform critical decisions can foster increased societal and structural resilience, and sustainable economic development.


Provide leadership and promote the high-level WMO policy on PPE, work with Members and partners to establish principles and guidance for successful public-private engagement; facilitate a continuous dialogue between players and stakeholders from public, private, academic sectors and civil society based on collaboration, trust and mutual reinforcement.