Open Consultative Platform

Open Consultative Platform


The weather, climate, and water enterprise of the 21st century are very diverse - the stakeholders come from different sectors, they are big and small, local, national, regional, and global, dealing with various parts of the 'value chain', etc. Is it possible for all these stakeholders to work together towards a common people-centric and planet-centric vision? How to address common issues, technical and institutional, in a mutually beneficial way? How to utilize scientific and technological advancements to make vital information and services reach everyone in need? And, how to maintain and enhance the unique global system of systems that enables the whole enterprise to deliver the expected information and services to society and create value for users? This platform is to stimulate and fortify the dialogue needed to provide answers to those questions and to allow for inclusive consultation in a constructive and mutually-beneficial way.


The Open Consultative Platform (OCP) will offer a mechanism for addressing collaboratively the grand challenges before the weather enterprise in an open, constructive and participatory way. In the spirit of mutual respect and trust, the platform will enable all stakeholders to stay abreast of issues and opportunities, both institutional and technological, to incentivize win-win approaches and nurture innovation. A new cooperation paradigm will incorporate active sharing of responsibilities and interacting with each other to move from isolated actions within a single organization to business processes that are developed and shared across sectoral and organizational boundaries. The OCP will help articulate a common vision for the future of the weather enterprise in the coming decade and beyond, thus informing society and decision-makers at all levels of expected progress in mitigating the risks related to weather, climate, water, and related environmental hazards.


The role of the leaders at the international, national, and community levels in public, private and academic institutions, as well as scientific and research sectors, cannot be overestimated. A new leadership accord has to be put in place to enable the realization of the full potential of the weather enterprise. To that end, the WMO, as the UN agency with a mandate on weather, water, and climate, will embrace proactive coordination to streamline a high-level dialogue for public, private and academic collaboration that will facilitate the development of a new generation of weather and climate intelligence to counter global risks. WMO invites key partners and stakeholders of the weather enterprise to establish and actively engage in an Open Consultative Platform for Partnership and Innovation for the Next Generation of Weather and Climate Intelligence as the primary vehicle for dialogue between the public, private and academic sectors, as well as the civil society.






High-Level Regional Forums of the Open Consultative Platform

The objective of the High-Level Regional Forum of the OCP in each region is to bring together the Permanent Representatives of every region and high-level representatives of the private and academic sectors to facilitate dialogue among all stakeholders at the regional level and to discuss region-specific issues, opportunities, and initiatives for leveraging cooperation and collaboration between sectors that enhance socioeconomic benefits of weather and climate service. Discussions would include, but are not limited to, identifying common interests; understanding the complementary roles and strengths of actors from the public, private and academic sectors; exploring opportunities for partnership within every region; and improving all stakeholders’ collective capability in leveraging resources, improving efficiency and sustaining quality services.