Resource Mobilization and Development Partnerships (RMDP)

Resource Mobilization and Development Partnerships (RMDP)

Resources Mobilization and Development Partnerships coordinates efforts to identify investment mechanisms and partnership opportunities for development of weather and climate services in all Member States and Territories. 

Resource Mobilization and Development Partnerships works to secure development assistance for National Meteorological and Hydrological Services with particular emphasis on the developing countries, least develop countries and small island developing states to help them establish the levels of weather, water and climate information services needed to support the protection of life, property and environment and the security of food production, energy and water resources.

This assistance can be in the form of direct financing, by a transfer of technology and expertise, and by leveraging strategic partnerships with major development partners such as international development banks, overseas aid agencies, other United Nation agencies and National Meteorological and Hydrological Services in developed countries. This work is undertaken in close cooperation with the Regional Offices and Technical Programmes.

The main objectives include:

  • Identifying development needs at the regional and national levels with Members and Regional Offices
  • Establishing strategic partnerships with development agencies and setting-up multi-annual collaborative arrangements
  • Coordinating the elaboration of proposals within the Secretariat for funding of development projects
  • Coordinating of project implementation across Technical Programmes
  • Coordinating of Climate Funds accreditation and submission of funding proposals (Green Climate Fund, Adaptation Fund, …)
  • Coordinating and streamlining the Voluntary Cooperation Programme (VCP) in order to expand its support base and accelerate fund allocation processes and timelines

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