Climate Indicators and the Sustainable Development Goals

Climate Indicators and the Sustainable Development Goals

Climate change is an increasingly recognized global threat. But what risks does it pose exactly? And how will climate change and its impacts affect sustainable development? The complexity of the global climate system often contributes to significant gaps between scientific and policy-oriented understandings of how climate change-related risks cascade through environmental, social and economic systems.

WMO has addressed these gaps by connecting changes in the global climate system, as measured by state of the climate indicators, to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The maps and report below aim to improve risk-informed decision making by aiding policymakers, the scientific community and the public to grasp the interconnected and complex nature of climate change threats to sustainable development, thereby encouraging more comprehensive and immediate climate action.

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Use the tabs to navigate between indicators. Double click on header for more background information regarding the indicator and on any of the boxes to reveal more information, sources and further reading. Click on the "x" on the top right corner of the information window or anywhere else on the map to close the window. Zoom in and out using the controls on the top right corner of each map. 

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