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Implementing the GFCS at Regional and National Scales

This Project aims to build climate resilience in order to reduce assiciated socio-economic losses and, thereby, alleviate poverty in drought-affected regions. The Project falls under the scope of the WMO Integrated Drought Management Programme, a joint programme with the Global Water Partnership. It cuts across sectors, disciplines and institutional jurisdictions. It will be is responsive to specific regional and national needs and requirements and support stakeholders at all levels by providing policy and management guidance and by sharing scientific information, knowledge and best practices for drought management.

The Project contributes to the high-level objectives of theIntegrated Drought Management Programme, namely the coordination of exisiting drought-related efforts in various organizations and agencies, with regard to: 

  • Developing better scientific understanding and inputs for drought management;
  • Promoting drought risk assessment, monitoring, prediction and early warning;
  • Providing policy and planning for drought preparedness and mitigation across sectors; and
  • Reducing drought risks while improving response to risks.

The overarching approach centres on four key principles:

  • Shifting the focus from reactive (crisis management) to proactive measures through drought mitigation, vulnerability reduction and preparedness
  • Integrating vertical planning and decision-making processes at regional, national and community levels into a multi-stakeholder approach including key sectors, especially agriculture and energy
  • Promoting the evolution of the drought knowledge base and establishing a mechanism for sharing knowledge and providing services to stakeholders across sectors at all levels
  • Capacity-building of various stakeholders at different levels.

While the scope is global, this project prioritizes the promulgation of drought management policies in various regions of the world and will provide a platform with consolidated expert advice on drought management. In target countries, it will tailor policies, advice and knowledge to their requirements.

This project is part of the programme for Implementing the Global Framework for Climate Services at Regional and National Scales