Improving Severe Weather Forecasting Capacity at the Department of Meteorology of Sri Lanka

  • Government of Sri Lanka

Severe Weather Forecasting capabilities strengthen the National Hydrological and Meteorological Services’ (NMHSs) ability to forecast severe weather and provide decision makers and other users with more effective, diverse, and timely forecasts and warnings.To strengthen the NMHS’s severe-weather forecasting capacity of Sri Lanka, the Government of Sri Lanka provided funding to WMO to implement a project aimed at delivery, installation and training in the operation of a Doppler Radar system. The Doppler Radar, once operation, will improve early warning/nowcasting capabilities of the country’s Department of Meteorology. The system will be used to monitor the structure, movement and development of rainstorms and tropical cyclones, to make quantitative rainfall measurements in real-time and to issue forecasts and warnings in a timely manner.