Togo Hydromet and Early Warning Services

  • Climate Risk Early Warning System (CREWS)
Project Partners:
  • General Directorate of National Meteorology (DGMN)
  • Institut de Recherche pour le Développement (IRD)
  • National Civil Protection Agency (ANPC)
  • Water Resources Department (DRE) of Togo
  • World Bank (WB)

CREWS resources contribute to improvement of the Government of Togo’s early warning services for drought, flooding and other severe climate and weather events by enhancing the capacities of national services in charge of: i) meteorology and climate; ii) hydrology; iii) civil protection. CREWS resources supports provision of scientific and technical expertise as well as capacity development among stakeholders and communities involved in early warning (national services, population in areas prone to floods and agricultural drought, etc. 

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Project Partners