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Interview with Jan Egeland

Getting climate information to those who need it most – the poorest and the most vulnerable – is the greatest priority.

What do an air conditioning engineer, a farmer and a city planner have in common? Each uses climate information to do his or her job properly.

by Samuel M. Waweru, Judith A. Omumbo, Bradfield Lyon, Madeleine C. Thomson, Stephen J. Connor

Vociferous debate has been underway over whether a rise in malaria in the Kenyan highlands...

by David P. Rogers

Health and well-being are the human face of climate change. National bodies can play an important role in helping to ensure that climate is taken into...

by the UNEP Finance Initiative

Banks, investors and insurers are looking for more climate information and services to manage increasing risks from extreme events related to a changing climate...

by Rowan Douglas

Operational climate forecasting is emerging as the latest frontier in climate services for the financial sector.