WMO Community in Action

WMO Community in Action

As travel restrictions and lockdowns challenge long-standing work practices, the WMO Community is finding new ways to collaborate and support each other with the delivery of vital weather, climate and water-related services.

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced all of us to change way we work and to rethink travel plans. WMO has been reaching out to Members to better understand how the pandemic is impacting the value chain for weather, climate and water-related service delivery – from basic observations and data transmission to numerical weather predictions models and forecasting as well as the communication of services to end-users. WMO is facilitating better coordinate throughout the Community to support each other through this difficult time.

Feedback from Members shows that despite the challenging circumstances, solidarity remains strong in the global community of National Meteorological and Hydrological Services – Members continue to support those in need of assistance where possible.

WMO has received feedback from 114 Members on their COVID-19 business continuity arrangements – at least 80 are teleworking.

As is the case for many organizations and businesses around the world, WMO has moved most of its work online. Thus, important meetings, such as the Joint Session of the WMO Technical Commissions, have gone ahead online despite travel restrictions. WMO is supporting Members to overcome connectivity issues so that more countries can join such events despite reduced bandwidths for Internet connectivity.  For example, the Climate Risks Early Warning Systems (CREWS) Initiative Secretariat provided financial support to facilitate tele-conferencing access for 74 delegates to the Greater Horn of Africa Climate Outlook Forum (GHACOF).

Henceforth, WMO will also make a monthly summary of the WMO Global Seasonal Climate Update available to better support seasonal forecasting efforts. The 13 WMO Global Producing Centres for Long Range Forecast provide the Global Seasonal Climate Updates to guide Regional Climate Centres, Regional Climate Outlook Forums (RCOFs) and National Meteorological and Hydrological Services (NMHSs) in the production of their outlook products. To complement this, the Met Office (UK) have now made its monthly climate outlook products available online to support global forecasting efforts.

WMO and its Members have adapted to the guidelines to limit the spread of COVID-19 and have continued nonetheless to deliver timely lifesaving services. The following is list of useful weather and climate service resources that you may find helpful.

Useful Links for Forecasters

Weather Observation (Surface, Upper-air and Satellite)

World Weather Information Service - Surface stations; Satellite image (WMO)

Severe Weather Information Centre - TC; Cloudiness & Rain; Gale, etc. (WMO)

NWS Climate Prediction Center - Surface Observations; SST, etc. (NOAA, JAXA, EORC)

JAXA Global Rainfall Watch - Cloud; Rainfall (GSMAP)

Himawari - Satellite Image (JMA)

EUMETSAT - Satellite Image (EUMETSAT)

NOAA Satellites for Most Areas - Satellite Image (NOAA)

CMA global satellite GEO and LEO - Satellite Image (CMA)

UNOSAT - Satellite analysis products (UNITAR)

Short-term Forecast


World Weather Information Service - 3-5 day official city forecast (WMO)

ECMWF Model Outputs (ECMWF)

WMC-Offenbach Model Outputs (DWD)

WMC-Beijing Model Outputs (CMA)

Global Flood Awareness System Model Outputs (GloFAS)

WMC-Melbourne Model Outputs (BOM, Australia)



NOAA NCEP-Africa Model Outputs (NOAA)



NOAA NCEP - Caribbean Model Outputs (NOAA)

RSMC Honolulu - TC Forecast (NOAA)

RSMC Miami - TC Forecast (National Hurricane Center, NOAA)



IMD High-resolution model prediction for South Asia - Model Outputs (IMD)

JMA - SWFDP - Model Outputs (JMA)

KMA - SWFDP - Model Outputs (KMA)

CMA - SWFDP - Model Outputs (CMA)

RSMC Beijing Sand and Dust Storm and Marine Meteorology – Forecasts (CMA)

NOAA NCEP - Central Asia - Model Outputs (NOAA)

NOAA NCEP - South Asia - Model Outputs (NOAA)

RSMC - Tropical Cyclones New Delhi - TC Forecast (IMD)

RSMC La Reunion - Tropical Cyclone - TC Forecast (Meteo France)

RSMC-Tokyo - TC Forecast (JMA)



RSMC Nadi-Tropical Cyclone Centre - TC Forecast (Fiji Meteorological Service)

Climate Outlook

Regional Climate Outlook Forums - Temperature; Rainfall (WMO)

WMO Long-range Forecast - Temperature; Rainfall (WMO)

NOAA Week 1&2 Hazards (plus GIS) - Temperature; Rainfall; TC (NOAA)

Copernicus C3S Seasonal Charts - T2m, Precipitation, etc. (The Copernicus Programme)

IRI Seasonal Climate Forecast - Temperature; Rainfall (IRI)

Met Office Global Long-range Model - T2m; Precipitation, etc. (UK Met Office)

Seasonal Climate Outlooks - June-November 2020 (UK Met Office)