Women's Leadership in Hydrology Workshop (Rome, 5-6 December 2016)

Women's Leadership in Hydrology Workshop (Rome, 5-6 December 2016)

Gender diversity has a positive impact on the overall quality of leadership and decision-making. Recognizing this, the WMO is launching a series of workshops to enhance leadership skills and provide opportunities for women to participate in decision-making forums.

The Women’s Leadership in Hydrology Workshop was the first in this series of workshops and took place from 5 to 6 December 2016 in Barceló Aran Mantegna Hotel, Rome, Italy. The workshop took place immediately prior to the Fifteenth session of the WMO Commission on Hydrology (CHy-15).

Designed for female delegates to CHy-15 and female professionals from the National Hydrological Services of WMO Member states, the workshop’s content was oriented towards building a set of practical leadership skills, with a focus on communications, negotiations and consensus-building.  The workshop was envisioned as an interactive and dynamic event, with time allocated for feedback, insights and exchange of lessons learned.

The workshop convened 30 female professionals from National Hydrological Services of WMO Member states. Participants were expected to:

  • Hold an academic degree in hydrology, engineering, geoscience or another related field;
  • Hold a senior professional and/or managerial post;
  • Maintain a high level of competency in their technical or functional discipline;
  • Integrate organizational goals and values with stakeholder and customer needs;
  • Demonstrate keen interest in international cooperation in hydrology;
  • Have working knowledge of English.  

Based on the nominations of Permanent Representatives (PRs) of WMO Members, a Selection Committee shortlisted the most qualified candidates, while ensuring for fair geographical representation and a variety of participants' qualifications and experience.

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