Nelly Florida Riama

Nelly Florida Riama

Director of the Center for Research And Development,

Agency for Meteorology, Climatology, and Geophysics of Indonesia

“Women's participation in science, including as captains on research vessels and in other traditionally male-dominated workplaces, will make the working environment better for everyone. Excellence doesn’t distinguish between genders.


Ms Florida Riama has worked for Marine Meteorology and Oceanography for more than half of her career (over 20 years). She led the team that successfully established the Indonesia Coastal Inundation Forecasting System, an important step in delivering better services to coastal communities. Another initiative she works on is the Fishermen Field School, aimed at increasing literacy and use of marine weather information by extension workers and fishermen and fisherwomen. She is active in international forums and is the vice-chair of the JCOMM Expert Team on Disaster Risk Reduction since 2017.

Why marine meteorology?

Her desire to become a marine meteorologist was stimulated by the need of such an expertise, which is still limited, in her maritime country. “It is really my passion to work as oceanographer so that my knowledge and expertise can contribute can to my country and to the world.”

Key to success

"The keys to success for me are continuous hard work, encouraging the team to move forward and expanding networking."

Overcoming challenges

Her biggest challenge is work-life balance, given that work requires a lot of time and she is also the mother of two children. To overcome this, she sets priorities and does not delay tasks at work, so she can dedicate all of her home time to her family.

Advice to young female scientists

  • Never think that science is more suitable for men than women
  • Be confident that women have enough capability to pursue the dream of becoming world-class scientists.

Interviewed in May 2019