2016 HMEI Award for Young Engineers

A panel of judges from the industry and WMO selected Dr Denis Kiselev, co-founder of Plair SA, as winner of the 2016 Hydro-Meteorological Equipment Industry (HMEI) Award for Young Engineers. He won the award for his work in the field of hydrometeorological and other environmental systems and services development in HMEI member companies.

The HMEI award recognizes Dr Kiselev's work in developing revolutionary technology for Plair’s particle analyzers, which improve air quality measurements in various fields. Currently being tested in Switzerland's first national network that automatically monitors pollen, Plair’s detectors have the potential to become an international standard.

HMEI has a consultative status with WMO and promotes the views of the private industry providers of products and services in the meteorological, hydrological, environmental and related fields.

For more information on the HMEI Award, visit: public.wmo.int/en/about-us/awards/hmei-award-young-engineers

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