Air Pollution Harms Agriculture

Air pollution has an impact on agriculture and, in turn, agriculture contributes to air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions. Experts in atmospheric chemistry and agricultural meteorology discussed how to better measure these emissions and impacts during an International Workshop held in Pune, India, from 2 to 4 November. The workshop examined the impacts of atmospheric chemistry, which included air pollution effects on agricultural production and the impacts of agriculture on atmospheric composition, including the effects of greenhouse gases, biomass burning, reactive gases and aerosols.

In the final session, future steps and recommendations were approved:

  • The two scientific communities expressed a strong interest for extended collaboration. Specifically, they agreed to publish a WMO brochure on agriculture, air pollution and climate to promote these issues to a wider audience.
  • It was also agreed to explore opportunities to develop pilot studies that would use existing observation and forecasting systems to develop applications for agriculture.
  • A clear need was identified to enhance the observation system, especially for trace gases and aerosols in agricultural areas.


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