Different communities exchange experience and information at CIMO-TECO 2016

The Technical Conference of the WMO Commission for Instruments and Methods of Observations (CIMO) in Madrid, Spain, from 27 to 30 September, carried the theme “Ensuring sustained high-quality meteorological observations from sea, land and upper atmosphere in a changing world”.

Around 400 participants were in attendance and exchanged their recent achievements and experience in traceability, standardization, developments in observing technologies, and intercomparisons. They also discussed and shared the challenges of continuous improvement in observing technologies. The contributions covered not only CIMO-related areas, but also marine observations, atmospheric composition measurements, metrology, satellite observations, and also  manufacturing of hydrometeorological equipment.

The conference also strengthened collaboration between the various communities contributing to the WMO Integrated Global Observing System (WIGOS). 

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