First Global Knowledge Platform dedicated to Climate and Health

The first global knowledge platform on climate and health – – has been launched by WMO and World Health Organization (WHO) Joint Climate and Health Office, with support from the Wellcome Trust. WMO and WHO teamed up to develop ClimaHealth in response to growing calls for actionable information to protect people from the increasing health risks of climate variability and change.

Tailored climate and environmental science and tools for public health, such as disease forecasting and heat health early warning systems, have enormous life-saving potential. The new go-to technical reference point for users of transdisciplinary health, environmental and climate science represents the public face of the WHO-WMO Technical Programme, bringing together the expertise and science of both organizations for the first time.

Accelerating the application of climate services for health protection requires strong partnerships and collaboration between climate and health actors. ClimaHealth facilitates connecting the health and climate communities, and scaling up transdisciplinary research, national capacity and the use of evidence and decision tools by a wide range of audiences – from policymakers to community groups – to inform and advocate for action and investment. The feature area of the Climate Service Providers showcases WMO Integrated Health Focal Points and the products and services that National Hydrological and Meteorological Services (NMHSs) provide for the health community.

Site users can connect with global experts; find upcoming events, news, opportunities, technical resources and data, applied decision and learning tools, case studies, and curated guidance and research documents. They can explore through country, hazard- and theme-focused entry points and discover a growing number of climate service provider profiles and resources.

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