GIS Tools for Agricultural Decision-Making

The International Workshop on Agromet and Geographical Indication System (GIS) Applications for Agricultural Decision-Making took place in Seogwipo, Jeju-do, Republic of Korea on 5–9 December 2016. The workshop gathered scientists and experts in the fields of agro-meteorology and of statistical and dynamical downscaling to discuss needs for agricultural decision-making.

It was held in two parallel sessions:

  • The Meeting of the WMO Commission for Agricultural Meteorology Task Team on Agromet and GIS Applications for Agricultural Decision-Making
  • A Quantum GIS basics tutorial on agricultural spatial analysis, R programming language for statistical downscaling, and the Weather Research Forecast model for dynamic downscaling

GIS tools play an important role in ultra-high resolution crop and water models (1 km or less) for the estimation of crop yields and in atmospheric parameters for plant management, max-stable processes, trend analysis, the random forest statistical technique, and land- atmosphere modelling packages.

A main outcome of the Task Team meeting was a final report on the use of GIS tools in specific sectors. This report will be elaborated upon and distributed to members of the Commission. Several guides on GIS techniques were developed for future training courses.

The Korean Meteorological Administration organized the event, funding some 40 participants, including the six Task Team experts. The event demonstrated the engagement of the Commission’s international experts to share examples and state-of-the-art information between WMO Regions. 

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