Ingrid and Manuel Retired

The WMO hurricane committee announced in April that it would no longer use the name Ingrid for future tropical storms or hurricanes in the Atlantic, and the name Manuel in the eastern North Pacific, because of the death and destruction both storms caused in Mexico in September 2013.

INGRID AND MANUELThis image from NASA's MODIS satellite shows Manuel over western Mexico and Ingrid over eastern Mexico on Sept. 15, 2013. (Credit: NASA)

In September 2013, Ingrid, a category one hurricane made landfall as a tropical storm in northeastern Mexico. Simultaneously, Manual made landfall as a tropical storm on the southern coast of Mexico then reformed in the Gulf of California and made a second landfall in Mexico as a category one hurricane. Significant damages and casualties resulted. Ingrid caused 32 deaths and Manuel resulted in at least 123 deaths.

Ingrid will be replaced with “Imelda” and Manuel with “Mario” when the 2013 lists are reused in 2019. (The WMO reuses storm names every six years for both the Atlantic and eastern North Pacific basins, unless a name is retired because a storm so-named is so deadly or costly that the future use of the name would be insensitive.)

Full report available on the NOAA website.

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