Innovations in education and training

A new online WMO Course on Education and Training Innovations was launched on 25 May and is scheduled to run until 30 July 2020. It comes at an opportune time during the global COVID-19 quarantine. This course offers a new way of learning and is based on an upcoming publication, WMO Global Campus Innovations. This four-volume publication addresses the following areas: new pedagogical approaches; curriculum advancements; collaboration in education and training; and technology-enhanced learning.

The course encourages adoption of innovations in the education and training institutions of WMO Members by exploring potential benefits and analysing examples from other Members. In the course, an innovative process model is used to put together an Innovation Implementation Plan within each participant's institution or national agency.

The course is being offered in a Certificate Path and an Open Path. Certificate Path participants are required to write four structured reflection papers on the four chapters of WMO Global Campus Innovations as well as to complete an Innovation Implementation Plan. Open Path participants are asked to contribute to the discussions on the readings and in the general forums, and can earn digital open badges for their participation. The majority of participants (55%) are seeking the Certificate Path.

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