New ebook: "The Value of Water Monitoring"

“Threats to the security of our water future are accumulating at a much faster pace than our investment in water monitoring,” warns Stuart Hamilton.

“The need for timely, accurate, and reliable hydrological information to effectively manage these risks is urgent. We need more certainty in evaluating our options for an increasingly uncertain future. We can’t control the weather but we can control our response to adversity. We need for that response to be well-informed by the truth about water availability and its suitability to meet our needs for public health, food security, energy security, economic prosperity, and public safety. Shared, timely, and trusted hydrological information is required to prevent systematic over-use, misuse, and abuse of this precious common-pool resource.”

You can download and read the entire eBook here.

The benefits of hydrological information vastly outweigh investments in water monitoring. This free resource can help water resource professionals, government agencies, private enterprises, and citizens around the world frame locally meaningful discussions on how to best prepare for a secure water future. Readers can learn how to form persuasive arguments that are sensitive to local politics and priorities to address the global deficit in funding.

Here are some highlights:

  • The universal value of water – social, economic & environmental benefits
  • The cost of ignorance – adverse, unwanted outcomes
  • The value of establishing relevance & trust – actionable information from data
  • The economics of monitoring – benefit/cost analyses
  • Tips for success in a quest for more funding


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