New studio for ANACIM Senegal

ANACIM Senegal Media TrainingIn early 2018, the Agence Nationale de l’Aviation Civile et de la Météorologie (ANACIM) in Senegal was able to improve its weather and climate information service thanks to the installation of new studio equipment and staff training provided by the United Kingdom Voluntary Cooperation Programme (UK VCP).

The aim of the initiative was to assist ANACIM to improve its national TV weather and radio presentations and enable it to provide a better weather and climate information service to the public. This was the first installation of its type by UK VCP. It provides the capability to produce weather presentations in Full Widescreen High Definition (HD) format (thanks to hardware supplied by Swantech Ltd.) while new software enables ANACIM to create HD weather graphics presentations.

The installation and technical training was carried out by Mr Steve Manktelow (Met Office, UK) and Mr Ndichu (Kenya Meteorological Department).

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