Online Course and Training Development Workshop

In June, the WMO Education and Training Office completed its 4th Online Course for Trainers, this time for Regional Association II (Asia) and Regional Association IV (Pacific). The course, which has been offered in English, French, Russian and Spanish, has now been delivered in all WMO regions. So far, over 150 participants have completed the online training thanks to the contributions of some 20 volunteer facilitators from 15 WMO Members.

The 9-week Online Course addresses WMO Competency Requirements for Education and Training Providers. There are readings, activities, online discussions and quizzes – all targeted towards developing the knowledge and skills necessary to complete a Training Development Plan. The substantial training design and project management template requires that participants work through the entire instructional design process, from identifying learning needs and intended outcomes, to choosing learning solutions and activities, designing assessments, and considering project risks and practical constraints. Each participant uses this module to prepare an actual training program that will be implemented within their institutions, and over the years that has been the case.

The online course culminates in a one-week, classroom-based Training Development Workshop to help participants receive additional guidance on their plans and in-depth learning on additional topics. On this occasion, the Workshop took place in Melbourne from 28 August to 1 September and was hosted by the Australian Bureau of Meteorology Training Centre, in conjunction with the biennial international CALMet Conference for trainers. Fifteen of the online course participants, from China, India, Indonesia, Maldives, Philippines, Russian Federation and Tonga, attended and each presented their project plans for discussion and feedback. They then worked in small groups with coaches to resolve remaining questions or problems. Afterwards, they joined the other 50 CALMet participants to finish the week on training practices and innovations.

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