Recently issued

WMO Greenhouse Gas Bulletin No. 9,

ISBN 2078-0796
(all languages)

WMO/UNEP Executive Summary, WMO No. 1122,

ISBN 978-92-63-11122-7
(E only)

WMO/UNEP Technical Report, WMO No. 1121,

ISBN 978-92-63-11121-0
(E only)

Evaluation of Meteorological Analyses for the Radionuclide Dispersion and Deposition from the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant Accident, WMO No. 1120,

ISBN 978-92-63-11120-3
(E done; F in preparation)

Guidelines for Trainers in Meteorological, Hydrological and Climate Services, WMO-No. 1114,

ISBN 978-92-631-1114-2
(E only)

Planning of water quality monitoring systems, WMO-No. 1113,

ISBN 978-92-631-1113-5
(E only)

Guidelines on the role, operation and management of National Meteorological or Hydrometeorological Services, WMO-No. 1112,

ISBN 978-92-63-11112-8
(E only)

Guide to the Implementation of a Quality Management System for National Meteorological and Hydrological Services, WMO-No. 1100,

ISBN 978-92-63-11100-8
(all languages)

Guide to the WMO Information System, WMO-No. 1061,

>ISBN 978-92-63-1061-9
(all languages)

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