Regional cooperation between Asia and the South-West Pacific strengthens capacities and creates valuable opportunities

Shared cross-cutting issues, challenges and opportunities emerged from the Joint Management Group Meeting for Asia and the South-West Pacific, held 29 to 31 October in Singapore.

Participants included the Permanent Representatives with WMO and high-level representatives from 16 WMO Members across the Asia-Pacific region. They identified key cross-cutting issues and challenges in the regions, including the need for enhanced forecasting and early warning systems – and capacity building and financial support for these.

Both Management Groups expressed openness to collaborate on emerging opportunities and issues of common interest including utilization of satellite data, impact-based forecasting, sub-regional cooperation on SIGMET for aviation safety, climate services and training opportunities, and facilitating the contribution of National Meteorological and Hydrological Services  to the climate change agenda.

Both Management Groups also expressed strong support for continuing the functions of regional associations and the strengthening of the working mechanisms between regional associations and technical commissions with enhanced links to regional partners.

These meeting outcomes have now been endorsed as a set of joint recommendations from the regions, which will be brought to the next session of the WMO Executive Council.

More information is available here.

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