Towards a Global Hydromet Compact

A conference on the effectiveness and sustainability of investments in weather, climate and hydrological services was hosted at WMO headquarters in Geneva on 21 to 22 March in coordination with the World Bank and its Global Facility for Disaster Reduction and Recovery (GFDRR). The theme – Beyond business as usual – closing the capacity gap – attracted 80 representatives from national meteorological and hydrological services (NMHSs), multilateral development banks and financing and technical institutions.

The conference addressed the risks of weather, climate and water-related hazards to sustainable development; highlighted the opportunities to scale up what works; and focused on emerging financial mechanisms to support and modernize meteorological and hydrological services.

There was wide support for the establishment of a Global HydrometCompact (Alliance/Coalition) that would:

  • create the framework for scaled-up, coordinated, sustained, and impactful investments in hydromet and early warning services
  • present a clear value and leverage proposition with respect to existing initiatives, and
  • recognize regional and national contexts, such that investments would support the optimization of national hydromet service delivery across the Global Weather Enterprise (GWE) spectrum of actors, clearly considering the roles, responsibilities and added values of all stakeholders.

Three other priorities were identified by participants:

  • the scaling-up of programmatic approaches to take advantage of available funding from the Green Climate Fund
  • the scaling up of expert services to develop and implement better, more effective and more sustainable hydromet projects
  • development of a web-based information platform providing value to the whole hydromet community, beyond the scope of the current WMO Country Profile Database

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